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By Angela Kohn

Publication Date  April 13, 2021

Illustrated by Georgia Stylou

Season Winter 2021

Formats Paperback

Page 42

Size 8 ½ x 11

ISBN 978-0-578-83550-1

USD $13.95

Sugar Cone Publishing sat down with author Angela D Kohn to discuss her first picture book, James and His ADHD Superpowers, illustrated by Georgia Stylou.

Angela, please let us know a bit about your book.   


James and His ADHD Superpowers is an extremely powerful story of two young brothers that band together to use their superpowers to battle —ADHD—and win!

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?

I was struck, while writing my story, at how lucky my son is to have a parent with ADHD who can relate and help him with his struggles, as I was not afforded the same opportunity to be diagnosed at an early age. It was only as a young adult that I learned how to manage my symptoms and turn what I had previously considered my weakness (a fast brain) into a positive (intense creativity and imagination). I was inspired to share my story one year ago after my son was diagnosed with ADHD, and I developed a treatment plan to ensure that he would be successful in school and not struggle in his personal life.

What are you hoping readers take away from reading your book?

I hope that my young readers and their families learn from reading my book to identify ADHD strategies and use those tools to help their child better manage their symptoms so that they feel empowered and accepted

What makes this book special to you? What impression do you hope it will leave with young readers?

This story is personal. I hope readers will no longer view ADHD as a condition that is traditionally considered a disadvantage. It is important to bring awareness about ADHD and the stigma’s associated with it, and that people with ADHD can be just as successful as those without the condition when they learn the techniques that will help them flourish. And that, in fact, their struggles can turn into their biggest strengths.


Angela D Kohn is a Registered Nurse by profession. When she isn’t writing inspiring children’s stories, Angela loves to create things—from writing television show scripts to creating apps for kids with game developers to decorating interior spaces. An RN, wellness advocate and strong believer in faith, Angela enjoys spending time with her family and her son’s two skinny pigs in Southern California where she lives. James and His ADHD Superpowers is her debut children’s book.




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What's not to love about this book? Not only does the author deliver a great message about self-awareness and accepting others, but she also nails the technique on how to manage the condition, which is essential for any adult raising a child with ADHD. Finally, the illustrations are colorful and draw you into the story from the start. You can't go wrong purchasing this gem.

Mr. Harrington, Teacher